Friday, November 13, 2015

Thoughts on Attorney bonds?

Thoughts on Attorney bonds? I need to bond a friend out and have never filed one. Don't even have a template for this. I have heard very good arguments against attorneys filing bonds for clients

Attorney bonds

An argument for it would be after client sees the bondsman there is no money left. An argument against would be, what if client did not report or did not finish making payments? Then you would have to file to revoke him/her. In 1992 in Denton County we found a loophole where the County couldn't collect on attorney bonds if defendant didn't appear and I wrote $700,000 of them until they closed it on Dec 31, 1994. Fun ! Another attorney had written $3 million. I was restoring a historic old home and bailed anyone out who said "Painter" "Carpenter". I was a bit foolish.

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