Monday, February 1, 2016

Legal highs should not be banned

Legal highs should not be banned

The great debate has been going on around the world is on legal highs. Various organizations and people are raising their voices against legal highs even without knowing what actually legal highs do and why legal highs should be banned. The more steps are taken against legal highs, the more people are being attracted towards it. Many countries have implemented laws to control selling and consuming legal highs. But banning legal highs would really serve the purpose! The policy makers are actually hiding their faces from the reality and trying to make a curtain to cover the socio economic factors that force people to have the pleasures that legal highs serve. Users take the legal highs for the recreational effects. Concerned people and governments should identify the underlying causes in order to reduce the problematic users.

According to Durham chief constable Mike Barton’s statement, all drugs and hard substances should be decriminalized in order to fight against various problems criminal activities. The alternative way of supplying the drugs would make the legal highs safer and the offenses can be lowered. In a Spiegel Online interview, the professor of Harvard University Mr. Jeffrey Miron has questioned in favor of legalizing all drugs. Even he wants to withdraw the prohibition on marijuana, cocaine and heroin, as the prohibition opens the door of black market, which sometimes costs the human lives.

 He argued that the openly sold legal highs could never be the cause of addiction. Alcohol and cigarettes are not illegal and can be consumed easily but not all the people are addicted to them. Addiction does not depend on the fact whether it is legal or illegal. If addition to caffeine or beer is not the headache of government, then how come legal highs seem to be a greater problem! Professor Miron also told that the prohibition lobby only wants to achieve their goals. The legal highs should not be banned as far that would not harm any one else. Rather, legalization of the legal highs would increase violations, as banning would make the black markets inevitable and the conflicts between the parties would be a new threat to civil society.

 The addicted people would get the drugs anyway and would be involved into criminal activities. The vacuum between the users and the suppliers tends to create organizing criminal moves.

 Withdrawing the ban would definitely destroy the black markets, as well as government can regulate the drug trade. Banning the legal highs would not stop the possibilities of the productions and demand will determine the prices, thus government will definitely lose billions of dollars. On the other hand it would reduce the number of prisoners, which will help to save money from unnecessary draining. Holland has managed to hold the position of having the lowest number of drug users in Europe, as Holland has less harsh laws.

Consuming is not a criminal issue; rather it is a social issue. Legal highs should not be banned, as legalization provides the truthful and honest information, which actually guides the user how to use. Legalizations make the people bound to carry some responsibilities. It has been reported that the illegal drugs obtain more than 8% in global markets. Banning the legal highs would only increase the percentage and would help the people to engage more into illegal trafficking. No one can prove that prohibition is fruitful, rather mass awareness is the most needed step to avoid offences associated with legal highs.

  • Here are some important points why legal highs should not be banned
  • Banning would make the users unsafe.
  • It would decrease the population behind the bars.
  • Legalization would reduce the corruption.
  • Government can earn billions of money as tax.
  • It would save money from unnecessary spending.
  • It would cripple the organized crimes.
  • Government can deal with consumer protection issues


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