Friday, November 13, 2015

The client with a felony record.Karma: As

The client with a felony record.Karma: As

Karma: As I was packing for tomorrow's move to semi-retirement I get a call from the mom one of my worst recent court experiences. The client with a felony record, 

was out on bond for 3 Class As when he picked up 3 more (Drugs, Assault). We let him sit 30 days and at the bond reduction hearing when i question him about whether he has kicked his habit, he goes off on me "Whose side are you on? The judge has to give me a bond anyway and you're not helping!" The judge, probably feeling sorry for me, gave him $3000 PR total on all charges. Client then told me he could do better himself. Now a few weeks later,

 his mom calls to say he picked up another Drug and another Assault. "Would you represent Joseph again?" I quickly thought back of 30 years of murder and felony cases and wondered if any of my clients were ever this obnoxious. My answer to mom was "No" ( he can do better himself).