Monday, February 1, 2016

Missouri Law and Personal Injury


Missouri Law and Personal Injury

The law regarding personal injury, while some may consider some cases frivolous, truly shows its teeth when a child is involved. Especially when a child is severely injured at a seemingly “safe” play place. And that is the purpose of injury law, not that everybody gets a huge settlement for some seemingly minor injury, but those who host and have children under their watch and care make sure that all aspects of safety are covered.
Injured at Practice

Take the case of a young lady that was injured at basketball practice. Katie Patrick, 14, was rushed to the local hospital after hitting her head against an unprotected, unpadded metal wall directly behind the basket. Although she seemed to be fine and the first tests were negative, Katie continued to suffer nausea and headaches and even dizziness. She was sent to the Mayo clinic in Minnesota were it was determined that she did indeed suffer from mild traumatic brain injury. The plaintiff filed a lawsuit against the school. the coach and the church where the practice was held. They stated that it was beneath the standard of care to have a unpadded metal wall so close to the basket. The defendants claimed that there was no requirement for them to have the wall padded.. The defendants also retained their own neurophysiologist who performed tests on young Katie and determined that the severity of the injury was in question. However, the plaintiff’s attorney secured the services of a respected neuro-radiologist with cutting edge technology at his disposal. He was able to show that portions of Katie’s brain had indeed been affected by the injury. A week before trail the parties settled, for 1.5 million.

This is a prime example of having an excellent attorney who will not be swayed by the other side’s expert witnesses. And as such, a strong law firm will make sure that you have the proper and leading authorities present to fight for your case.


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