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How Much Does A Boat Accident Attorney Cost?

How Much Does A Boat Accident Attorney Cost?

How Much Does A Boat Accident Attorney Cost?

Hiring a boat accident attorney is a main necessity if you ever get involved in such an accident. Boat accidents are naturally very rare. Most people who enjoy sailing will never get involved in one. Besides, the water is not fitted with lights or signs, so deciding who the guilty part is might be really daunting. If there is one simple situation when things are clear, that is the case when one of the boats is stationary. However, there are a series of considerations in this case too. Generally speaking, boat accidents tend to cause injuries. They are rarely minor. Sometimes, they are fatal. Besides, boat reparation is very expensive too, hence the necessity of a good lawyer for both some fair estimations and a proper representation. But then, most people associate this legal field with the high expenses of owning a boat. Therefore, they expect to be charged a fortune, yet they never even bother to ask. So how much does a boat accident attorney cost?

As a general rule of thumb, most injury attorneys work on a contingency fee. It makes no difference if you get involved in a boat accident or you slip and fall in a supermarket. In other words, you are not charged a single cent until the settlement is in your favor. You do not have to pay any consultations, paperwork or research. Simply said, it really does not matter if you can afford a lawyer upfront or you barely have money to eat. You will be able to pay the lawyer once you get compensated for the accident. Therefore, everyone is advised to seek legal help in such circumstances.

Most attorneys charge a particular percentage of what you earn, which makes things even better. Therefore, they have the exact same interest – gaining as much money as possible. When they charge flat fees, attorneys may not necessarily push too hard, so they will avoid wasting time on a long trial. Instead, they might settle for smaller amounts of money. On the same principle, the attorney will not receive any money if the case is lost. .

Keep in mind that aside from the attorney fee, a trial is associated with other expenses too. Such fees must be paid whether you win or lose the case. They are demanded for various legal processes, such as obtaining documents or using expert testimonies and research. Since 90% of all cases are settled with the insurance company before even reaching to a judge, these expenses are often avoided.

While working on a contingency fee is an encouraging thing for every boat owner, make sure that you know how high this fee is. Sometimes, it floats around 25%. In other cases, it may go up to 45%. The fees also depend on how complex the case is, not to mention about the nature of your accident. A very high potential compensation might give you the possibility to negotiate fees a little, but remember that professional lawyers will never leave room for negotiations.


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